Quick announcement : Due to recent Vandelism on a Sonic artist's page, I advise we watch pages actively to reverse Vandelism quickly. The Vandelism on this particular page replaced all of the text from the page with information not related to the artist at all. The biography was replaced with a random Sonic OC biography, and the trivia was replaced with a link to the cover of the first issue of the infamous Sonichu series.

THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE, it is understandable that the Sonic fan base has been the target for being called " Austic" for a long time. Other sites may allow it, but we will certainly not. We must protect this wiki and stop it from becoming the playground for Internet Cyberbulling.Penless almost quit due to the comments on this wiki, and I will not let another incident like that happen ever again. So I ask everyone on this wiki to help me fight vandalism, and makes this the best online encolpedia for Miiverse artist on the Internet.


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